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    Boarding Schools are a good option for Teens who are struggling in their home, school, or community.

    However, most Boarding Schools will not work with Struggling or Troubled Teens. If you have a Troubled Teen, it is important to find a Boarding School that specifically works with Troubled Teens.

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    Does the School or Program stand behind their effectiveness by providing a Written Warranty? You wouldn't purchase a new car without a warranty. Why then would you choose a program for your child without one?

    A typical Warranty provides a FREE 30 day “refresher” course if the student slips back in to past attitudes or behaviors anytime after enrollment ends and before their 18th birthday. While there are some conditions that apply, this can be very helpful. It also provides the Teen with some good ongoing motivation upon returning home while providing parents additional leverage and options.

    More importantly it shows that the School or Program truly stands behind it's effectiveness.

    Let us tell you about the School or Programs that provide a Warranty.

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    Low Cost Options

    Most parents want really good services but would also like to keep cost as low as possible. Our objective is to show you Schools and Programs that do both.

    Non Profit Options are ideal for this because they can subsidize their cost through donations, corporate sponsors, and fundraisers. Thereby reducing the cost to parents. Furthermore, Non-profit Schools do not need to add profits into their tuition and fees. This can often save parents 20-30% by itself. All of these savings allow Non Profit Options to operate programs at the lowest possible cost for Families.

    Equally Important is that Non Profit options often provide better services. This is because a Non Profit organization's motivation can be to do what is best for Teens instead of what is best for profits. This creates a huge difference in the delivery of services and the focus given to Teens. This gives families the best possible situation when it comes to the care and services given to their Teen.

    There are also some really great low cost Options that are For-Profit. But due to the reasons listed above, Non Profit Options can usually give your child better services at significantly less cost!

    Let us tell you about the Low Cost or Non Profit Options available to you!

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    Dual Credits

    We highly recommend Schools that offer dual credits. This is when Schools have courses where students can earn both High School and College Credits for the same course work. Very few Schools or Programs have this option but it provides a significant value. Teens who qualify are enrolled in these courses and there is some tutoring available if needed to help them succeed. If a Teen can earn some college credits while in the program it will save their parents a lot of money for college later so it is like getting double the value.

    Let us show you the Schools that have this option.

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    Top Ratings

    We recommend Schools and Programs with Top ratings and Accreditations.

    There are some good independent sources and accreditations that provide information and ratings on Schools and Programs. We research the information and rating of each option we recommend to give parents the best possible School or Program available for their Teen.

    Let us show you Schools and Programs that have Top ratings and accreditations

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Call Today: (866) 421-4615

Finding the Right School or Program can save you time, money, and hardship

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Call Today: (866) 421-4615

Finding the Right School or Program can save you time, money, and hardship