Three things parents should look at when choosing a School for a struggling teen:

1. High Ratings: Does the School have high ratings by independent sources such as the Better Business Bureau?

2. Warranty: Does the School provide any kind of Warranty? Any school that is really effective should have no problem providing a warranty.

3. Cost: If cost is important, there are a couple of things that can lower the cost of a school:

A. Location: Just as the cost of living varies significantly by geographic location so does the cost of doing business. Schools in certain locations can provide the same services at a much lower cost.

B. Non-Profit: Since Non-Profit Schools can subsidize their cost through donations, fund raisers, and corporate sponsors they are able to keep their cost as low as possible for parents. Furthermore, because they do not need to add profits into their cost, that in itself can save parents 20-30% on the tuition.

Note: Tuition for Residential Schools and Programs start around $3000 a month. If needed, there are also some really good loans available with low monthly payments. We are happy to assist you in getting one of these loans approved.

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